See You at the Bridge PB!

Hi Burgers,

A few months ago a Cheez community member named Sabsilla contacted me concerning a friend of hers who had unexpectedly and recently lost her beloved kitty PB.

She had an idea to rally some of the kittehs in the community and create a collection of portraits to see PB the tuxedo cat safely to the Rainbow Bridge.

As always, the community responded with an outpouring of love and support. Though this happened a while back now, I wanted to share the finished collection as an homage to PB and the fact that even if you aren’t directly a part of our corner of the Internet, you’ll find friends here.

A Fond Farewell to PB



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Should We Call Rami the Pit Bull-Dachshund a Wiener Bull?

Hi Burgers,

Sorry about yesterday. Please accept this offering as my apology.

Rami the pit bull-dachshund has been traversing the Internet this morning after his picture turned up on the Moultrie Colquitt County Humane Society’s Facebook page.

He’s currently available for adoption and the requests are flooding in to the small shelter in Georgia. It would be well worth any pilgrimage to get in some snuggle time with Rami.

29,000 requests doesn’t seem like enough to fully appreciate that face.

Whether we call him dachbull or a pitshund, we must deduce that if this majestic pup exists, unicorns probably do too. If you live near Georgia, please adopt Rami so he can be our mascot.

Also, look at his tongue. Look at it!



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Maybe We Need a Theme Song?

Hi Burgers,

Sometimes checking this blog is informational. If we are having a contest on the site or highlighting one of our community members, this is great place to stop for a heads up. It can be entertaining too, a good place to post a gif with some friends.

Sometimes though, I have no idea what I’m doing and you all are subjected to the consequences of that. In that spirit… This!

The Internet’s early days were gilded with the shiny mirrored backsides of countless AOL compact discs. I have my theme song for the day.

Thanks for stopping by, please carry on everyone.



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I’m Just Here for the Gif-Together

Hi Burgers,

I’m being a good sports fan and diligently watching some Super Bowl media day super hype. Marshawn Lynch just finished his interview with one seven word sentence:

“I’m just here so I won’t get fined.”

Classic. I wonder if they’ll say anything about the raccoon.

What are you guys up to today?

For GIFGether. In keeping with Super Bowl mania, the sneak tackle!

Pro Football on ESPNVerified account
If Russell Wilson would change one rule, what would it be?
“I just wish everyone would stop fining my man Marshawn.”

After Some heavy lifting

A nice short team-meeting

Catching up on twitter

Let’s drink to dat!


Have to admit, I don’t care much for the Superbowl. How about dragracing?


Yeah, while Marshawn’s all not-getting-fined and playing with his ‘pet’, this kitteh is working out!


I’m Just Here For a Ride:





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In Memory of roniharvey and elizabuff

Hi Burgers,

It’s very sad that in my short tenure here at Cheebzurger I’ve had to witness this tight knit little community saying goodbye to four of its beloved members. I’m absolutely amazed at the deepness of friendship that you all have kindled from the simple act of making one another laugh, but not at all surprised by the sense of loss that you feel when one voice has to go silent.

It is with my deepest condolences to the community that I’d like to once again offer a memorial post for two beloved lolmakers who have recently passed away.

Angelandz posted this tribute to roniharvey

And Sylviag posted this for elizabuff. You can find her obituary here

As with all Cheez peeps who pass, these two will always be remembered in our little corner. Please feel free to leave your condolences on this post and I’ll gather them all together.

With sympathy,


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PresterJohn Almost Became an Unofficial Pirate


Hi Burgers,

I’ve been instructed to introduce PresterJohn thusly:

PJ is a loyal hoomin and deserving of extra noms for his excellent qualities of loving friendship, sustained scritches and swift utilization of thumbs in the arts of can opening. Please give thanks by sending him all the gooshy noms you can afford.

The note is signed “Killer, Minnie, Merlin and Rosie the peeg, aka PJ’s team of writers.”

There you have it everyone, say hello to Prester, a classy member of the community and a clearly beloved minion.

We’d love to hear the story behind your username!
It was the first available username I came up with. Believe it or not, most cat-themed names were already taken! Plus, it gets shortened to PJ, which is pretty cool.

How long have you been a member of the Cheezburger community and what made
you want to join?
I think I finally signed up around late 2010, early 2011. Cheez admin would know for sure. You see, I’d gone back to school in autumn 2010 as a mature student (ugh!), which means I had to prioritize information retention. A lot of equations and formulas have taken the place of birth dates, anniversaries and other facts in my memory. After coming to the site (Lolcats) on a daily basis, liking it, and wanting to try my hand at making the kittehs talk!

What do you look for in a Cheez friend, and what’s the best way to make a new
I’m shy both in life and online, so I mostly received friend requests at the beginning. Nowadays, I look at friends of friends and the captions they make to get an idea of what their sense of humour is like. I don’t accept minors because I don’t want to censure or limit what appears from friends on my dashboard. And the best way to make new friends? DON’T BE A JERK! You will find many people inviting you because they’re nice, simple as that.

What is your favorite site on Cheezburger and why?
Lolcats! It’s like getting a whole new page of comic strips starring irascible kittehs, who aren’t necessarily fat and orange! I also swing by Animal Capshunz and The Daily Squee when I have the time.

What is it about Cheezburger that makes you happy?
The community, through the captions and the support of friends, is a great place to create and share. The Front Page is just the tip of the iceberg; there is so much funny/thoughtful/squee stuff to see and experience on your dashboard… There are series that involve anyone who wishes to participate, like the ongoing adventures of the Kuppykakes scholars just to name one. It is a “playground of the mind” (thank you Larry Niven) for those who enjoy anthropomorphizing non-humans and objects (and in my case, can’t draw).

Tell us something super interesting about yourself—an embarrassing story, a quirky habit, something that will make us laugh!
My entire life would qualify as an “embarrassing story”, so… I nearly lost an eye thanks to an early morning romp by our youngest kitteh, Merlin. Merl, as I like to call him, once walked over my face as I was sleeping, and managed to rip one of my eyelids with a claw peaking out of his paw. He did this blissfully unaware of anything out of the ordinary, just doing his sentry duty and defending the apartment. If that claw had been a fraction of an inch lower (I’m converting measures for ‘Merica), I would have been forced to make up a fake story for why I have to wear an eye patch.

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
I would go with cheezburgers since I suppose I could vary the toppings to get some nutritional balance and taste variety, to avoid, you know, going insane over the monotonous sensory interaction like an animal getting the same kibble every single day… Wait a minute… Is this Merl asking the question?

If you could create a new feature for Cheezburger members to use on our sites
what would it be, and why do we need it?
The ability to see all the captions made from a picture before selecting it for the builder would, in my opinion, be a handy feature to prevent making the same (or similar) caption someone else made.

What else do you like to do when you’re not on the Internet?
I am being told to answer: spending more time playing with my cats and peeg. I am also being instructed to add: I answer of my own free will.

Where do you often find inspiration for your LOLs?
Comic strips like Garfield and The Far Side shape how I sometimes approach captioning, due to the similarity in formats. I also have a team of writers who advise me in exchange for services, like: picking up their poop, and giving scritches.

Do you have any favorite vacation spots? Is there somewhere you’ve never been
that you’d like to go?
I’m not really the travelling type but right now I wouldn’t mind being someplace that is warmer.

If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it?
Get a fixed interest security investment to have a stable income. Maybe create a shelter for abandoned pets (mainly cats and rodents) to live out their lives, a project that is dear to us (me and my girlfriend, Cheez user Farel70).

Do you have any animal companions, or have you had any in the past? What is
special about them?
We have three cats and a peeg! Kittehs: Our oldest is Killer, who is my profile pic. Then there is Minnie, a lady, followed by the aforementioned Merlin. Our peeg is named Rosie. They are wonderful and provide us with much love.

Killer and Rosie

Merlin “Destroyer of Eyelids”


I have to know, how did Killer get his name?
I chose him out of a litter. A co-worker of mine knew I was looking for a cat and drove me to see a friend whose cat had just given birth. Once at his apartment, he began pointing at one kitten after another, giving each a one word description: “This one is a jumper… And this one is a shredder…” When he pointed to my future ball of orange fluff, he was at lost for words to describe the kitten. Killer, seeming to realize he had become the center of attention, began purring more loudly than I’d ever heard any other cat purr, which prompted a laugh from the guy along with the sarcastic comment that, “this guy is a real killer!” Both the name and the kitten stuck!

If we were coming to visit you in Canada, what is the one place we’d have to visit (though I know it’s a BIG place)?
Niagara Falls… I’ve never been there, so go for a visit then tell me all
about it!

Thanks for the interview PJ. If anyone has been to Niagara Falls, now’s the time to speak up!



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A Little Post SOTU Pundit Kitchen Wednesday

Hi Burgers,

It’s been too long since there’s been an argument on the Internet, so lets politics for a while! I’ll leave any battles up to you all, but President Obama gave his penultimate State Of The Union address last night and of course there was plenty of Buzzing moments to go around.

First, if you missed the address, Twitter made a pretty fantastic breakdown featuring the full text along with an interactive and realtime reaction to every part of the speech as it was being tweeted about. Check it out! Pretty fun if you’re a chart nerd/political junky/Internet lurker. And who isn’t that very specific collection of things?
Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 10.31.13 AM

The speech also featured plenty of classic Obama swag, like this Vine of him humble bragging about his two terms in office.

This line topped MSNBC’s list of Obama’s top 5 State of the Union Zingers list. Hey-o!

There was also some classic climate change shenanigans flying around Twitter.

And of course no SOTU would be complete without a few Totally Looks Like type memes for the two gentlemen flanking the president.

You can check out all of the buzzing moments from the SOTU on The Daily What

Did you guys catch the speech? What should we fight about?



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Our Cats are Giffing Together to Ask a Few Questions

Hi Burgers,

This Thursday is National Answer Your Cat’s Question Day! I feel like we should do a little field work to prepare.

I don’t have a cat, but whenever I visit the in-laws, their kitteh seems to be wondering why I’ve brought two overly excited, raucous, mannerless specimens of the canine species with me.

If your cat could ask you one question, what do you think it would be?

When you ask your cat a stupid question and she starts to talk …

Though I’m sure if my cat could talk she would criticize me all day.


Do Mai Black Spots Bedazzle You?


Eggscuse! Iz this how u boop a nose?


Do you want fries with that?


If i want something done I gotta do it myself.

such as butt scratching and air licking

Breaking news! Anselmbe has informed us of the devastating truth that maybe our cats don’t ask us questions because they don’t really care.

One question. One answer.

Do ya think I’m sexy?

Our kitteh is smooching, smacking and GIFing!




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All the Superbowls

Hi Burgers,

Seattle was a loud place to live in last night. If the word ‘sea’ was uttered at any level beyond a whisper, it was immediately greeted with a raucous chorus of ‘hawks’ resounding from all sides of the street as well the occasional open window.

The NFC Conference game itself can be accurately summed up with this little gem by rbj.

My favorite part of the game wasn’t the recovered onside kick or the 35-yard game winning touchdown pass though. It was this!

Classic Seattleite behavior. The hipster victory lap could only be more complete if the bike was a fixie. Michael Bennett did steal it from a police officer though, so there’s that.

This is also great meme fodder.

Maybe if the Seahawks win two Superbowls in a row we can get an extra day off in the city. Good luck to both the Pats and the Hawks in a couple of weeks.

Some other non-sportsball things happened this weekend too. You can always catch up on what the Internet is talking about with The Daily What’s Links of the Day.



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Featured User: The Cheezburger Community

Hi Burgers,

If you stop by this nook of Cheezburger’s corner of the Internet with any regularity, you know that my main goal here is to promote the good people that make up this community. In all honesty, I think of myself as conduit for sharing the stories and jokes of the individuals who visit this website, which is a fun and privileged job to have. I’m not here to push the envelope or my opinions on anyone.

That said, the madness in Paris last week affects everyone in this community, and in the world, who has a passion for sharing laughter and feeling comfortable to do so in his or her own way. I think we can agree that this is true whether or not you entirely agree with Charlie Hebdo’s particular brand of humor. Those of us who primarily use the Internet for this endeavor are slightly more vulnerable because this is a wildly free and democratic place in much of the world. There is a soapbox available for all opinions and an equal amount of trolls, as we affectionately call them, who will promptly thrash them.

I’m preaching to the choir, you guys know all of this already. Most of us are used to free speech. We should be.

That’s the beauty of this place though, there is room here for all viewpoints — and I’ve seen some doozies. Of course we don’t agree, but even though I am guaranteed to be different than you, we can still share a laugh and relate. After all, who doesn’t love cats? If I say something you don’t like, tell me about it, flag me, gather your friends to your cause and spam me to smithereens! I promise I will do the same to you.

An article by David Brooks called “I Am Not Charlie Hebdo” gets at the point I’m trying to make:

Healthy societies, in other words, don’t suppress speech, but they do grant different standing to different sorts of people. Wise and considerate scholars are heard with high respect. Satirists are heard with bemused semirespect. Racists and anti-Semites are heard through a filter of opprobrium and disrespect. People who want to be heard attentively have to earn it through their conduct.

This machine only rumbles along if we all get the chance to say something. I couldn’t be more proud to be a small voice in the tumult and I am even more proud to be surrounded by the raucous, weird, sometimes frightening and often insightful cacophony of voices that make up Cheezburger each day. Truly, it’s all of you who push the envelope by engaging with one another and I hope you continue to do so. I don’t mean to simply jump on the bandwagon, but in that sense, maybe we are a little bit Charlie Hebdo.

TLDR? You guys are all featured today! Thank you for being a part of the noise we make and let’s be louder still!

Evan and the Cheezburger Team


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