There’s No Need To Gif Alone

Hi Burgers,

Why are Tuesdays perfect for Gif-Togethers? I have no idea, but they are. Maybe it’s because it’s like the pinky toe of weekdays. You’re not against it, you don’t really need it, but you’re fine with it being there.

I think I need more coffee.

Anyway, The Seattle Sounders are going to win the USOC Final today! I’m hoping for plenty of this:

What’s new with you guys?

just battlin’ a bad case of the toads… it ain’t pretty.



I do LOVE me some gif togethers~


Mods are alseep.

Post pictures of Mods being high.

Um, I meant to do that. It’s legal in Seattle. Doesn’t count.




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Are You Going To Cat-Con?

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 11.35.45<br />

Hi Burgers,

What are you up to on the weekend of June 6-7 next year? No plans? Thought so. If you’re going to be in the Los Angeles area consider making a pilgrimage to one of the greatest gatherings of crazy (and not so crazy, if you prefer) cat people the world has seen.

Cat-Con LA is essentially like Comic Con for cat people. I’m thinking it’s going to be like Cheezburger IRL, which is awesome!

Our founder Ben Huh will be attending and talking at the conference as well as many other fat cats of the Internet Famous feline world. Lil Bub and his dude Mike Bridavsky and Will Braden, the man behind the feline philospher, ‘Henri Le Chat Noir’ are among the many allies of the cat tribe that will also be attending. In addition to celeb appearances, more than 150 exhibitors will showcase their cat-centric wares, all of which will be for sale to the public. It’s going to be an all around good time.

There will be more info posted as the date nears. There isn’t much to see now, but you can keep the Cat Con LA site bookmarked, as it will be the place for updates.



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Fine Art And The Double Fumble

Hi Burgers,

The Cheezburger Blog is a well known haunt for connoisseurs of the fine arts, right? Absolutely.

Whether or not you agree, I thought I’d share the works of the Seoul based artist group known as Shinseungback Kimyonghun. Why? Because these guys are exploring the complicated relationship we all have with the robots and computers we interact with every day.

Theres’s a photo collage of clouds that have been recognized as human faces by face-recognition technology.

A group of cats that were recognized by the same software as human faces..
I hope no one told these cats about this horrible insult.

And of course, humans that were recognized as cats.

There’s a strange program that creates a composite facial image from all the faces shown in a given movie. This video is from ‘Avatar’.

There’s even a strangely intimate video of a montage of screen grabs taken every time one of the artist’s clicks his mouse throughout the course of a day. Seems like a dangerous experiment to sign up for.

There are some other pretty interesting exhibits on the artists’ site. If you feel like getting all cultured on a Monday morning, check them out. Check out ‘The God’s Script’ if you go.


PS – If it’s too early for all of that, please join me in enjoying the greatest play of the NFL weekend. James Jones of the Oakland Raiders performing the rare and mystifying double fumble.

Nailed it. What a crazy week in the NFL. Making FIFA look like a bastion of high morality lately, yikes.


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Manchester Dogs’ Home Fire

Hi Burgers,

No Featured User this week, but this gives us a chance to focus on a worthy cause and restore our faith in humanity a bit.

People are taking to social media after a fire at the Manchester Dogs’ Home in England took the lives of more than 50 dogs. Rest in peace pups.

The campaign started when one person took a selfie with his dog along with his donation to the home and asked people to pass it on. The goodwill of people has been incredible and so far more than £600,000 has been raised – obliterating the original £5,000 target.


Those donating have been posting their #dogselfie to help raise awareness and more money. You can join the cause at the Just Giving page through Facebook.

Bravo Internet! Even the kittehs are proud today. All the more reason to save Internet Neutrality.



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Good Dogs

Hi Burgers,

I wanted to quickly share some feels. This gallery contains the last survinving search and rescue dogs who helped recover victims and survivors of the 9/11 attacks 13 years after their brave efforts.


A bunch of heroes.



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Well That’s Awkward

Hi Burgers,

Looks like we should maybe move our Gif-Togethers back to Tuesdays, until then I’ll just lay low.

You guys up to anything good today?

I’m workin’ hard CATching up on laundry. Okay you got me…, I’m playing with the cat again.


Just relaxing. Had a long day


I don’t even know


I don’t know either tentoes2..

Today I learned the French word for shower.




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Stop The Spinning Wheel Of Death!

Hi Burgers,

We need you to help us fight for the Internet on September 10. It’s simple, the FCC wants to slow down and break the Internet and they are getting closer every day to achieving this goal. Take a look at the kitteh below, she’s trapped, doomed like some feline Sisyphus locked in her perpetual loading wheel!

There’s still time to stop the madness and keep the Internet free and weird! Hopefully you were able to sign the letter to the FCC that popped up when you arrived here. We hope that you’ll also join the Battle For The Net and get the word out tomorrow (September 10).

Please join the fight and help us get the word out tomorrow! Head to the Battle For The Net’s site for some good ways to share and to grab a spinning kitty of death avatar to display on all of your social media sites tomorrow. Please help us spread the word in whatever way you can. Tell everyone you know to free the kitty from the wheel! You might want to give some context though, because that sentence sounds crazy by itself.

Solidarity Internet!


This movement is worldwide! The ‘Big Telecom Vs The World’ campaign is collaborating with over 50 digital rights groups and web platforms in 12 different countries to create a global call for the open Internet. Check it out and let’s keep this going.


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Not Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting

Hi Burgers,

Even if you’re not a football fan, you should get a kick out of this.

The NFL is so focused on suspending players for smoking marijuana that the karate kicking is getting way out control.

What is Antonio Brown trying to prove by kicking the kicker?

The Internet is obviously already hard at work on this one.

There are so many other terrible puns, but I’ll just say I hope this gives your Monday the kick it needs. Hooray for football season.



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Hit The Trail With AnOldCowHand

My ROFLcopter

Hi Burgers,

This week’s Featured User is a Native Son of the Golden West and a member of the eponymous and very worthy association. AnOldCowHand describes himself as a “child of the land” and his love for the great outdoors of the Golden State shows. He also seems like a very handy guy to have around in the wilderness. Perhaps Cheezburger has a new official nature guide, let’s go camping.

We’d love to hear the story behind your username!
I grew up on my grandparent’s cattle ranch in southern California, riding, and working cattle on 10,000 acres of rugged mountains. The ranch is largely gone, now, as encroaching civilization has gobbled up many of the old leases. Most of my riding these days is packing horses and mules in the high Sierra, and I do precious little of that.

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 9.10.57 AM


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Pre-Order Your Cheezburger Socks Today!

Hi Burgers,

The polls are closed and we have three winners! Thanks for voting on this important issue everyone. Your Cheezburger + Betbrand socks are now available for preorder. Are your toes wriggling in anticipation?


The socks won’t be ready to ship until November, which means this will be the first holiday season that all of your friends and family will actually be excited to receive socks.

What do you think everyone? Do you approve of the winners? What should we make next?



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