Caption This Picture of Winston, Be Hilarious, Win Prizes!

The ‘Make Winston Witty’ Caption Contest Begins Today!

Winston is the lovely, strange and furry companion of Cheezburger employee Will (who you may recognize from LOLwork—the show currently airing on BRAVO about our entertaining Seattle office). We’ve decided that Winston needs some fresh phrases, and we know that you’re the bunch to do it! Just click on the image of Winston above and you’ll be taken to our builder which will help you caption the selected image. The Cheezburger user with the highest combination of reposts and Facebook shares wins the contest and an autographed copy of the new Oatmeal book, How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You—along with a 2013 daily ICHC calendar! Contest ends at 2 pm PST on Friday, and we’ll announce the winner on Monday, December 10. At that point we’ll also also post a different image of Winston to be captioned. So you have two weeks, and two chances to win these awesome prizes—show us your creativity!


Section 1:

To Enter:
* Visit the Cheezburger Company Blog at starting Monday, December 3 to get the details and official rules of the Make Winston Witty Contest
* On Monday, Dec 3 and Monday, Dec 10, an image of Winston the cat will be posted on the blog. When the participant clicks on Winston’s image, they will be taken to the Cheezburger builder where they can caption the image.
* To be eligible, you will need to be signed into your Cheezburger account and submit the captioned picture of Winston. If you don’t have a Cheezburger account, you can register for one here.
* The winner will have the highest total combination of reposts and Facebook shares for their submitted picture of Winston.


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Prize Totally Looks Like Winner

Totally Looks Like Yaris contest winner David came to Cheez HQ this Monday to pick up his prize. His options? A package containing a boombox, digital music player and music gift card, or a portrait of himself drawn by Seattle artist Derek Erdman. I think we all know what happened here.

Congrats, David!


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Yaris Voting Ends January 27th!

Have you voted yet in the final Yaris contest? Help a Cheezburger fan win a great grand prize (like a lifetime supply of burritos!) by voting on your favorite Yaris LOL. Voting ends tomorrow, so cast your vote up to once an hour until then — click here to see the LOLs and vote now!


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Vote in the Yaris Grand Finale Contest!

The final Yaris contest is live, so head over to and vote on your favorite LOL! Voting is fast and easy, and you can cast yours up to once an hour from January 13th-27th. Help a fellow meme-lover win a lifetime supply of burritos (or another awesome grand prize) — vote now!


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Congrats to the Winner of the Third Yaris Contest: Yaris Rhymes With

Congratulations to Daniel from Ohio, the winner of the third Yaris Contest:  Yaris Rhymes With. Here is the winning entry!

What did Daniel win for this awesome captioned photo? An ipad! There is still one more Yaris contest left to enter and this one involves memes.  Go to to enter the final Yaris contest and so you have a chance to win the grand prize


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